Case Study: Lease Renewal

22 Mar 2017

Over the years of advising occupiers I have found many tenants leave the initiative at lease renewal or at options to break to the landlord and can miss an opportunity to mitigate liabilities.

Case Study: Employment Land Review for the proposed Local Plan, North Tyneside Council

22 Mar 2017

The preparation of a Local Plan by a local planning authority is often taken for granted. I wonder if anyone has really thought about the preparation work that goes into this?

Darlington Station to get an overhaul

16 Mar 2017

Kevan Carrick has helped advise on multimillion-pound plans designed to breathe life into Darlington Station.

The Tees Valley Combined Authority and Darlington Council are behind the initiative which includes remodelling the station and creating dedicated platforms for local connections and future high speed services.