When in a hole stop digging!

23 Mar 2016

As a region we seem to take a couple of steps forward and then one back as we strive to overcome the impact of the recession in property and economic growth.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are making progress in the North East, the employment figures and investment activity are producing positive results. But I feel that we are doing so in a very constrained manner.

Budget 2016: A roundup of North East aspirations and predictions

16 Mar 2016

Kevan Carrick, principal at JK Property Consultants and RICS spokesman for the North East region

“The latest imposition of the removal of tax allowances on expenditure and the increase in SDLT for buy to let will slow down demand from this sector.  

We must stay on the devolution bus to become masters of our own destiny

09 Mar 2016

Having come hotfoot from South Africa and seen at first hand the successful working of the property and construction sector, I was dismayed to read that we in the North East of England are in disarray.

The South Africans may be under pressure from the free fall of the Rand, yet there are lots of cranes on the skyline of both Johannesburg and Durban.