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JK is appointed across the UK by Affordable Homes to Own (‘AHTO’), which has a £1 billion funding facility to acquire affordable properties, either newly developed or retrofitted to meet present-day sustainability standards. This is a new approach to the market where AHTO will provide funding and work with local councils, housing associations, registered providers and others to provide houses and apartments for social rent or to assist occupies in purchasing their own home. AHTO will also support the provision of special care facilities and work with operators so that they can deliver their services.

JK works with house builders, other developers, funders and those in the regeneration of urban land to identify development opportunities and provide an exit route by purchasing the affordable homes and care facilities at market value.

"This is an ongoing instruction and the value to AHTO is to deliver stock purchases so that they can work in partnership with the social housing providers and increase the affordable housing provision across the country."

“Kevan is an industry specialist who is well connected in his sphere … he has the ability to make the right contacts at the right level to bring projects forward and into delivery. Kevan is professional in everything he does and he has been particularly useful in assisting AHTO with developing a footprint in the North East.“

Linda Robinson

Managing Director, AHTO

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